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Re: Laithwaites Wine Offer

New Arrival

SUPER Disappointed. I didn't realize I was so close to a companion pass until the end of December and looked through all the ways to earn extra points and saw that The Laithwaites Wine offer was based on purchase date, not shipping date

@chgoflyer wrote:

So, bad news: The 2,000 bonus points posted to my account today, and unfortunately they are not Companion Pass qualifying. 😞


It looks like, as with most Rapid Rewards partners, points earned from regular Laithwaites' purchases do count, but any bonus points do not.



. I thought the bonus points counted toward a companion pass as well and it would have put me over. Now I find out it's only the regular purchases that count. I would have booked a hotel with bonus points to put me over had I known. Smiley Mad

Re: Laithwaites Wine Offer

New Arrival

I had come across that page a few weeks ago, but couldn’t find it again after my order. Thank you for sharing! Seems this offer is a decent way to get those last points in since you won’t have to guess if they’ll count or post in time.