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Looking for a Travel Buddy to Share Companion Pass from Chicago

New Arrival

Someone may have already thought of this, but wouldn't it be great if there was a way for solo travelers who have Companion Pass status get together with another solo traveler to use the companion pass and then split the cost of the fare? Seems like a great idea to me, unless it breaks some rules I don't know about! Once you fly together, each traveler goes their own way, unless they've become such good friends they decide to travel together. Like a travel club (not a dating club, but hey that could happen, too 🙂 What do you think, Community? Anyone interested? It's tne new sharing economy! Let's talk! 


Re: Looking for a Travel Buddy to Share Companion Pass from Chicago

New Arrival

From the FAQs on Rapid Rewards:

"The Member is limited to one Companion at any time. After designating a Companion, the Member will be issued a Companion Pass card. The Companion Pass card is not transferrable. The Member may, however, change his/her designated Companion and request issuance of a new Companion Pass card up to three (3) times each calendar year that the Member maintains Companion Pass status."


That would seemingly be the only hang up with your plan (limited amount of changes).