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Massive mix up

Explorer C


I have been working over the phone with your team for almost 2 weeks now with over 5+ hours spent on the phone and I still have had no closure the problem you guys created.


I went to book a flight with my rapid rewards on the 31st of March for April 23rd-27 only to discover after 4 hours on the phone with SW and Chase that Chase had been adding my rewards to a different persons account! Even though I need to book the flight that day to lock in those points amounts, Chase told me the problem could only be corrected in 10-14 days. The SW agent I was working with me assured me that SW would honor the rapid rewards amounts listed when I had called, which equaled roughly 17k for my round trip flight.


Fast forward 11 days, Chase corrected their error and I called SW yesterday, where I proceeded to be on the phone over an hour only to be told that even though they have the notes of SW honoring my flight that they couldn't book me the tickets because that agent hadn't physically wrote down 17k points. (I have screen grabs of SW offering this price on the 29th of March) I also know if SW would listen to the phone conversation they would here these numbers being said between us. Instead I was told to book my tickets at the raised rate which is now 37k and that I could submit a "claim" to be reviewed, which would take 7-10 more days! 


My trip is now supposed to be in 11 days from today, I'm supposed to be arranging child care and be getting excited for my trip. Instead, I've had to book tickets at an amount way higher than I would have originally, in good faith that SW will stay true to their word and fix this massive problem that has cost me time, anxiety, and stress. Absolutely nothing has been done yet to compensate me for all of SW and Chases mistakes and all I'm asking is to just book my tickets at the price they originally where when I tried to in the first place!


Re: Massive mix up

Aviator A

Chase messed up and you get angry at Southwest because the price went up from when you originally tried to book it.  I wouldn't expect any airline to hold a price and I'm stunned you were even offered that as an option (kudos to Southwest).  Since this is a customer to customer forum you're just yelling at the sky here when you talk to "you guys".  Really, if you want to be mad at the company that "created" the problem it's Chase you should be mad at.  You didn't mention how long you've had the Chase account, but I would think you should have noticed points weren't showing up in your account.  Southwest offered to look at making a price adjustment (again, Kudos to Southwest) and you booked the flights so what exactly is giving you stress and anxiety now?  Let Southwest complete the process like they said they would.