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Missing Rapid Rewards

New Arrival

We booked our vacation through Southwest vacations and were supposed to receive 4126 rewards but only received 1500. I have callled and texted and still I have not received the correct rewards. Second time this has happened. Any solution I would appreciate.


Re: Missing Rapid Rewards

Top Contributor

Sorry, but your best bet is to continue to hound Southwest Vacations.


Note: Southwest Vacations is NOT part of Southwest Airlines. It is a totally different company better know as Apple Vacation Group

Re: Missing Rapid Rewards

Top Contributor

Were the points you feel you are owed strictly from flights?  If so, then you should be able to utilize the traditional missing points route from Southwest Airlines.  If they were bonus points of any sort or for something other than just the flights then you would need to continue working with Southwest Vacations.


Here is info about the Southwest Airlines missing points process: