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Need Help with Customer Service Ticket

Explorer C

I have had a few tickets opened since January 10th from disrupted travel that are still not resolved. I've tried calling multiple times with no success of getting them resolved (they are just open) and have no ways of getting them escalated. 


Tried the twitter route with no success... does anyone have an escalation contact method that I can try and use? It's been over 50 business days now since I've opened them, I'm loosing faith that I will ever get a response. 


Re: Need Help with Customer Service Ticket

Frequent Flyer A

Try re-pinging the Twitter route. It's possible they got busy and missed it, but can take another look. 

Community Champion | PHL based | ex-Companion Pass Holder | Southwest Passenger

Re: Need Help with Customer Service Ticket

Aviator A

You could open another email ticket and reference the other case numbers or try Twitter or Facebook and hopefully they will respond. 

i have one case that’s over 2 weeks old (not related to the meltdown) but still waiting. 

i think they are just very backed up and it’s causing delays