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Past Flight Reward Points

Explorer C

For some reason Southwest is not posting my points to my account for a flight back in February because it states: "The ticket was not completely flown. Rapid Rewards Points will not be deposited until the entire ticket has been flown, exchanged, or refunded (if applicable)." Does anyone know what this means? I had to get off on the transfer leg of my return flight due to a work emergency.. does this mean I don't get credit for my separate flight I flew to the location on the same confirmation code? This is 4604 points I am missing out on! 


Re: Past Flight Reward Points

Aviator A



i would recommend calling customer relations at 855-234-4654 or messaging them on Twitter 


If you didn't finish the trip say you booked AUS to MCO by way of HOU If you didn't take the connecting flight you may not be get points since the travel was not complete according to the actual reservation but if you call or message on Twitter they can look and see about getting you the points. 


From personal experience I had a time where I didn't take the connecting flight and I didn't get the points because the flight was not complete when I called I was told I won't get credit since travel was not completed. 


Hope this helps