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Point Confusion

New Arrival

Earlier this year, I clicked on one of the "get a SW Chase card for 60,000 points!" offers. I spent the required amount of money to earn the 60K points. I was hoping those points would take me pretty close to the amount needed for A List.


At the moment, I have 77K points. BUT, when it comes to A List, the website tells me I have 7,400 or so points towards A List.


So....none of the other 70K counts? What are these points good for then?


Thanks for any insight you can share.


Re: Point Confusion

Top Contributor

The A-Lst rules pretty much say you have to earn A-List by spending money to travel.


Well, the 77,000 points can be used to buy points tickets -77,000 points is worth about $1100.



 If you could earn another 33,000 points by the end of the year you'd qualify for companion pass - free flights for someone flying wth you all of next year.


Warning: if earned on the Chase card your spend would have to occur on a statement issued during 2019 - it's not when you spend, it's dependent on when Chase issues a statement. So if your statement date is December 10th, then any spending on the card after the 9th would be on a 2020 statement and would not help you.


Re: Point Confusion

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Tier Qualifying Points (for A-List) are the most difficult to earn -- you get them primarily from paid flights, plus a small amount from purchases on specific Chase Rapid Rewards credit cards (1,500 per $10,000, limited to 15,000/$100,000 annually).


Companion Pass Qualifying Points are relatively easy -- almost everything qualifies.


Here's a great reference:


2019 Rapid Rewards® Qualifying Transactions for 2020 Status