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Points + Travel Funds for Security Fee?

Explorer C

I have a few travel funds bits that I'm reluctant to book with b/c they expire soon and I don't want $30 of travel funds to "taint" a $200 ticket, making the whole $200 expire very soon if I change flights.


I did notice that I had the option to use Ticketless Travel Funds to pay just the Security Fee after choosing Rapid Rewards Points to pay for the flight itself. 


Would using Travel Funds w/ an expiration date to pay the Security Fee mess with the 100% refundability of Points (w/ no specific expiration date )?  

If not I'd rather use up $6 of the funds than $0, so I'll go ahead and toss them on, but only if I'm sure they won't mess up my points credit.


Re: Points + Travel Funds for Security Fee?

Aviator A

No, points bookings remain fully refundable regardless of how you pay for the taxes and fees.


The expiration of your funds will apply to the taxes and fees, but not your flight. Meaning that, if you cancel, the points will always go back into your RR account, and the funds will be held under the new confirmation number, good only for use by the original passenger, usable until the earliest expiration date of any funds applied.