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Points not added to my Rapid Rewards

Explorer C

I did not receive points for my past reservation that I made over the phone. I didn't even have A-List Preferred marked on the boarding pass on my phone or the printed boarding pass which denied me boarding after A-List and fast lane security checkpoint at Oakland airport.

Very disappointed having gone through this after paying $300 extra for the Anytime fare and choosing Southwest.


Re: Points not added to my Rapid Rewards

Aviator B

Did you provide your RR# when you made the reservation over the phone?  If you did not, that could be the reason you did not get the perks. 

Re: Points not added to my Rapid Rewards

Aviator A

You used to be able to claim your credit retroactively to have the points added to your account, but I can't find that link any longer...anyone know if that is still an option?


Also if you are looking for amenity and points, book Business Select instead of Anytime...typically for an extra $20 you'd get 12x points, A1-15, and a beverage with all the other flexibility benefits of Anytime fares.

Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Points not added to my Rapid Rewards

Retired Community Manager

Hi @bhagtani,


If you forgot to include your Rapid Rewards number on the reservation, you can still get credit for the flight. Just login to your account, and follow this path: My Account> Manage Account > Request Past Points


Please post a follow-up comment if you have trouble with the process!