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Premiere Card to get Companion Pass

Explorer C

Hi there,


We've accumuliated 65,900 points towards a companion pass this year using my PLUS card. I am now toying with applying for a PREMIERE card in order to get the 40,000 points to put us over the 100,000 needed for a companion pass.


I am aware that the 40,000 points are not released into your account until you have spent $2000 on the Premier card in the first three months. I will easily charge $2000 on the card in the first month. Will the 40,000 points be released into my account during the first billing cycle (and prior to year end) if I do this? If it doesn't release until after the first three months, then it appears we are too late to grab a companion pass for next year using this method. 




Re: Premiere Card to get Companion Pass

Explorer C

I had the same question but didn't post anything.  I received mine almost immeadiately.  I still dont even have my first statement yet.  However, as soon as I got the card I charged my kids college tuition to meet the 2k requirement.



Re: Premiere Card to get Companion Pass

Aviator A

The companion pass points threshold is 110,000 (not 100,000). But otherwise, you are correct. If you are able to earn 110,000 Companion Pass qualifying points before the end of the year, you will receive Companion Pass for the remainder of this year and all of next year.


The best advice is to earn the 110,000 early in a year, so that you earn Companion Pass for all of that year and all of the following year.


But if you would like to take advantage of the points you've already earned in 2017, then your plan is solid. As long as you act quickly. The bonus points are sent to Southwest from Chase a few days after the end of the billing cycle in which you make the $2,000 threshold. 


Just remember that you will actually need 110,000. 


And that there is a chance that, despite your best efforts, things will not post in 2017, leaving you without a Companion Pass.


Good luck.