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Previous Companion on Companion Pass Reservation

Explorer C

I have a flight booked for June that has my daughter associated with the Companion Pass. Today I changed the Companion Pass to my husband but the June reservation still has my daughter as the Companion. 

If I change the Companion Pass back to my daughter before the June trip will that be acceptable or is it possible Southwest will cancel the entire reservation for June because I changed the Companion Pass associated with the June trip?


Re: Previous Companion on Companion Pass Reservation

Aviator A

My understanding is when you change your companion, the previous companion will be automatically dropped from future reservations where they were the companion.  The companion pass holder's reservation will still exist, but the companion will be removed.  You would then need to add the new companion to any previously scheduled or new trips.  Perhaps in your situation the system just hasn't removed the old companion yet, especially since you just made the change.  None of Southwest's IT systems are particularly instantaneous.  I suspect you will need to re-add your daughter to any trips after you switch back to having her as your companion.