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Promotional Companion Pass Details

New Arrival

Two part question:


1. Am I allowed to use/designate a Companion Pass on a flight that I have already booked?


For example, I earned the Companion Pass Promotion from September 2021. According to the rules, it will not be added to my account until 1/6/2022. If I book a flight for 2 people today within the timeframe, would I be allowed to add the companion pass to this flight once it is available on or after 1/6/2022?


2. The promotional details say that I have until 2/28/2022 to enjoy the companion pass benefit. However, what if I book a round trip flight departing on 2/25 and returning on 3/1. Would I then not be able to use the companion pass since the return flight is after 3/1?


Thank you for your help SW Community!



Re: Promotional Companion Pass Details

Top Contributor

1. Yes.  Once CP is active on your account you can add a companion to an existing reservation.


2. Travel after the expiration date is not eligible and you would not be able to add a companion to flights occurring after the expiration.