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Question about TQP for A-List

Explorer C



Does anyone know if you get more TQP towards A-list by flying Business vs Wanna Get Away? I've been trying to get an answer to this but keep getting referred to the page where it tells you how to earn TQP which I already am aware of.


Thanks in advance


Re: Question about TQP for A-List

Aviator A

I think perhaps the answer is so simple that you may be overlooking it on the page that says what activity qualifies toward A-List and A-List Preferred.


Activity: Qualifying flight


That means ANY points earned from completing the actual flight are TQP, regardless of fare.  So yes, flying on a BS fare is a great way to quickly earn many more TQP.  In fact, this is a method often used at year end to get those last minute points when it appears you might be short.



Re: Question about TQP for A-List

Frequent Flyer A

Points wise the difference is 12 points per dollar for Business Select versus 6 points per dollar for Wanna Get Away

So Double points

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