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Questions about new Companion Pass and rebooking travel booked with points

Explorer C

I recently earned the Companion Pass for a credit card offer. I have an upcoming trip that I already booked with Rewards points and had a few questions on cancelling and rebooking a round trip ticket for my significant other I already paid for with points. 


1.) Is it possible to cancel the tickets I've reserved for my significant other with points already and rebook with the Companion Pass I now have? It was a 'Wanna Get Away' fare. 


2.) I've already registered my companion but the trip is a surprise. Do companions get an e-mail about their ticket when added?


Re: Questions about new Companion Pass and rebooking travel booked with points

Aviator B

Yes you can cancel your ticket you reserved with points.  Log into you account, and from the home page click on manage reservation to cancel.  You will receive all the points back into your account.  Now you will be able to go to your list of future flights and add your Companion.  Make sure you put your email and contact info at the end of the booking process.  Also you may want omit his RR#   

Just incase. 

Re: Questions about new Companion Pass and rebooking travel booked with points

Aviator A

1. Yes, canceling a reservation made with points will refund the points back to the account they came from. In your case I'm going to guess you booked both travelers flights in one reservation. As prices may have gone up since you originally booked, you would want to call Southwest and have them cancel only your SO's ticket, leaving yours in place so you don't end up rebooking your flight at a higher point value.  You have to call to do this. If SO has their own reservation it can be canceled online. Then, add him as your companion. 


2. No, on the checkout screen it shows an email address for the confirmation which can be your email instead of the companion. The flight does however show up in the companion's list of upcoming flights in their RR account so it's not hidden from them.


Sidenote, when you cancel the SO's existing reservation, if their email address is associated with the reservation they will be notified of the cancelation. This could cause some confusion and questions so be ready to explain that you weren't planning on going without them, lol. 


Also, be ready to fight for the middle seat, it's the best! 


Have a great trip and good luck with the surprise!