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RR: A List Preferred status

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I'm about 9k away from A-List preferred. I've already archived the lucky companion pass. Does southwest offer a buy up? New to the SWA RR program. gave up platinum pro over the AAful service at DFW. 

just thought I would ask since I have a day left to

the restart. Thank you.


P.S. Please don't roast a newby. 


Re: RR: A List Preferred status

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"Please don't roast a newby." must be thinking this is like some of the frequent traveller Facebook groups.  I don't think you will find any newby-roasting here! 🙂


Unfortunately, you are probably too late to make the ALP thing work.  The only sure-fire way that you could make that happen would be to find a roundtrip that is today and is worth 9K tier qualifying points (Business Select fare, maybe?), but accomplishing that is unlikely since it would have to be today.


The most important thing you can do when playing the travel rewards game is to plan ahead.  Generally, I try to ensure that by each October, I have a plan through the end of the year that will get me to my goal status.  The good news is that you have A List and the coveted Companion Pass; congrats!  Maybe next year, you will be able to get to A List Preferred.  


Good luck, and happy flying!


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Re: RR: A List Preferred status

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@TXdesigner1 wrote:


P.S. Please don't roast a newby. 

Welcome to the forums!  Smiley Happy


Your question is actually not that common as most folks are trying to figure out how to earn Companion Pass.  You should have a happy year of flying with the A-List & Companion Pass combination.

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Re: RR: A List Preferred status

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Southwest does offer the ability to buy A-List qualifying points, but those offers are targeted (sent only to some members) and non-transferable, and the offer doesn't apply to earning Preferred status. Double check your email (and spam folders) but if you haven't received an offer you're likely out of luck. Also, be aware that the cost of these points can be very high, especially for 9,000 points, and is not offset by the points value, as these specific points aren't actually redeemable towards flights (or otherwise).