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RR in-flight purchase suggestion

Explorer C

Small suggestion regarding purchasing WiFi when on-board:  perhaps for those with a RR account with an associated credit card there would be a way to simply log-in with our RR account and the CC info from there would be used by default?   

  I would think if we are logging in from the same device the service could recognize that.  That is, we could opt to "stay logged in" and not even have to re-enter our RR login info to pay for the WiFi (or a movie...or...).  Making it easy is key.  

  Sounds simple but fumbling with your wallet or whatnot to type in the information is a real hassle on the plane, and there is no need for it.


Re: RR in-flight purchase suggestion

Explorer C

I don’t think the rewards number is needed if I remember correctly.  Also, I used PayPal for the financial transaction.  My card never left my wallet and it was a few clicks in the browser and the app to get it authorized.