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RR points did not transfer this month

New Arrival

Recently I upgraded to the priority card.  I received the 5,000 bonus points and other cc points posted just fine.  This month my cc statement says that 1,421 points were transferred but rapid rewards account states cc points this month zero.  It is not just not there, it actually says zero points earned via cc this month.


I emailed sw and they sent me a form letter telling me to call Chase.  I called Chase and they verified my rr number and verified that 1,421 points were transferred and told me I needed to contact sw...  the dreaded circular function, ugh.


Anyone have this happen to them?


Re: RR points did not transfer this month

Rising Star

You may want to get in touch with Southwest directly (this is primarily a customer-to-customer forum).  I can't find the thread now but there was a prior mention in the forums of there being a Southwest employee whose job is to coordinate with Chase.


I'd start the process in writing -- the "Contact Us" link below includes both a Twitter handle and an online form to submit an email.  If you use Twitter then obviously don't publicly post any personal or account information.  Snail mail is also an option.

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Re: RR points did not transfer this month

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That "0 Points" indication is an odd one -- it took me a while to figure out that it meant you had crossed the $10,000 in purchases threshold and earned 1,500 tier-qualifying points (on certain cards). Generally, it's accompanied by a regular points earning value that has the same posting date. When you change the "point type" filter it makes this more clear.


All Points:


Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 1.39.42 AM.png


Changing to Tier Qualifying Points:


Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 1.41.14 AM.png



If you're missing a corresponding regular points value, it may show up on Southwest's side a day or two later. If it doesn't, you'll unfortunately need to follow up again with Southwest. Good luck!