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RR promotions email

Explorer C

I got an email yesterday to register for a points promotion to "Get to tier status 2X Faster " but the link in the email just takes me to my account and there is nowhere to register.  It's also not in Promotions.  This happened to me last time they sent me a promotions email.


Re: RR promotions email

Aviator A

I would try going to on a computer or tablet (use the full website not mobile site or mobile app) and under your account it should show the promotion. 


Another thing to check is make sure the email has your name and RR # in case you got an email for a spouse or child instead. 


One example I set up my sister's RR account years a go so i still get her account emails she got the promotion I didn't (I already earned A List so it would be a useless promotion for me anyways) 


If the email says your name and RR# and you still don't see the promotion I would Contact Customer Relations so they can investigate. Keep in mind with this promotion it is a register then book then travel so flights already booked wouldn't qualify unless you cancel and rebook after you register. 



Re: RR promotions email

Frequent Flyer A

I was able to register from the full website, the link in the email was to the website, (I signed in and then clicked register.) I did not see the promotion on the mobile app.