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Rapid Reward More Rewards Purchase not delivered

New Arrival

I exchanged 50,000 points for a Royal Caribbean gift card. 10 days later the UPS tracking shows delivered to my front door and signed for by "DRIVER RELEASE." I live in an apartment building and UPS cannot get to my front door. They have never delivered anything to any front door, but gets dropped off to the clubhouse and SIGNED for. Why would a $500 gift card be any different. I am being told I am SOL because they will not replace or refund lost or stolen cards. This was not delivered to me or signed for so how can it be my liability yet?? Tracking clearly states it was not signed for and left at a front door, but they cant get to any front door. I have never had a package that was not signed for by myself or the sales rep in the front clubhouse. This is unacceptable and should be refunded. Why would you send out a $500 gift card and not require a signature and allow the carrier to just drop off wherever they please and blame me for losing it. 


Re: Rapid Reward More Rewards Purchase not delivered

Top Contributor

I would definitely reach out to UPS about this it may require a few phone calls since you would have to talk to the more rewards people as well but I think UPS should be held liable for the driver signing 


hope your able to get your gift card