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Rapid Reward Points from online shopping.

New Arrival

Sorry for my ignorance! I am trying to get the best use of my SW Rapid Rewards card.  I have made several purchases online---logging into Rapid Rewards site.  I do see where I have earned points on them.  I have earned 874 shopping points. Do these points add to my total ( earned thru credit card)  so as to use for an upcoming flight---or do I have to use these on other things??  Thanks for your help!


Re: Rapid Reward Points from online shopping.

Top Contributor

All Rapid Rewards points you earn, whether they come from flying  shopping  rental cars, hotels, dining, a Southwest credit card, or numerous other earning opportunities all pool into your Rapid Rewards account and are redeemable for flights. As long as you don't go longer than 24 months without earning points they will remain in your account so start earning and saving up for a great trip.



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