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Rapid Reward Program Enhancements

Explorer C

SW has the best RR program in the industry.  But, SW should improve it by enhancing the program to build loyalty customer base.  How an SW acheive it?


One items comes to my mind is granting "free internet access" to customers who purchase tickets using RR points and recognize such customers in the flight (no need to announce names) stating how many such passengers ae travelling in the flight.  This would motivate passengers to build loyalty program.




Re: Rapid Reward Program Enhancements

Explorer C

Here are the some of the ideas I can think of :


- Complimentary baggage valet service specially for parents traveling with young children and are short handed (the valet would take care of their carry ons and strollers and car seats)

- Definitely free Wi-Fi onboard

- Improved snack offerings

- Auto emails to customers when the flights they have booked are now lower in price/points so they can get a refund for the difference

- A welcome snack/drink onboard

Re: Rapid Reward Program Enhancements

Explorer C

Well we still want SWA to be affordable to need to keep extras to a minimum as everything comes at a cost.


However, I would love to see free internet on flights over a certain lengeth of time. Those that book over 5-10-15-20 etc times a year, maybe a special thank you email or a here's an A boarding(early check in ) for you as a thank you.  Not all of us are going to hit 20 flights a year etc. 

Re: Rapid Reward Program Enhancements

Aviator A

These suggestions are sweet. But naive. 😉


Any "enhancements" coming to the program will likely take things away, rather than give them.


As an example, Southwest has quietly devalued Rapid Rewards points since the launch of the program in 2011.

Re: Rapid Reward Program Enhancements

Explorer B

Hola Lindsey,


I completely agree with your ideas, Thanks for being a voice for us all.