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Rapid Reward perk confusion

Explorer C

I posted but I cannot find it. It isnt in my profile. So hopefully this isn't a duplicate.


Im confused about the new perks. I have rapid rewards plus card. I have a trip booked for 5 people. Is the 2 early checkins per trip(one way) or per passenger? So If it costs me $100 for early bird will I be reimbursed $40 or the full $100?


If I upgrade to priority card...It is 4 upgrades. Is this per passenger or trip?


Thank you!!


Re: Rapid Reward perk confusion

Aviator A

The Plus card comes with reimbursement of 2 EarlyBird Check-in purchases per year.  An EBCI purchase is one person, one way.  If EBCI is $20 per person you can get $40 reimbursed.

The Priority card includes reimbursement of upgraded boarding, that is a completely different thing than EBCI.  Upgraded boarding is purchased at the gate before a flight and gets you a boarding position in the A1-15 range, if any space is available in that range.



Re: Rapid Reward perk confusion

Frequent Flyer B

Also If memory serves, you pay for the upgrade at the gate and Chase credits your account on the next monthly statement.

Re: Rapid Reward perk confusion

Adventurer B

Yes, that's true. You pay for the upgrade. But that payment is credited to you in your next statement.