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Rapid Rewards Account - HACKED

Explorer C

Words of wisdom, change your password often. Someone hacked my RR account on Sunday night at 1am EST. Thankfully I'm in the PST so only 10pm. I was sent an email that said my phone number & email address had been changed. I was completely locked out. I contacted SW within 30 minutes only to find out someone spent 310k points on gift cards and completely depleted my account. Thankfully  because I caught it so quickly SW was able to cancel the gift card orders and refund my account today. They sent me an email that said "Southwest Airlines is not responsible for unauthorized access to a Members account, and will NOT replace stolen points or awards". As a gesture of goodwill, and due to timing, they contacted the provider and were able to get my points back.  Thank you SW for taking care of me.


Southwest Advice - You really should institute a two factor security authentication system like other travel rewards programs. 


Re: Rapid Rewards Account - HACKED

Adventurer B

It does frustrate me that they "don't take responsibility for unauthorized transactions" but also don't allow 2FA on Rapid Rewards accounts...