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Rapid Rewards Button Transactions

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Yesterday I bought something from Omaha Steaks through the Southwest Shopping website via the Rapid Rewards Shopping Button extension for Chrome. 


I completed the transaction, but when I went to look at my transaction history and my point totals on the Button extension, I was told that something had gone wrong and I had been logged out.


I signed back into my account and there was nothing there...transaction history or points earned. 


I know that this is a customer forum, but I just wanted to know if anyone has had this happen before and may be able to give me some answers from personal experience. 


I know this post is long, but I appreciate the people who take the time to read it and reply. 


Thanks so much! 


Re: Rapid Rewards Button Transactions

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Yes, the "logged out" error seems to happen rather frequently for me. It seems that if you return to the site after not using it for some time the site will show you as being logged in, but to be fully logged in you need to log out, then log in. This however does not have an effect on earning points, at least not in my experience. Having just completed the transaction you've aren't going to see it posted to the account for some time, most likely a few days, and almost certainly not before the order ships, but it could be longer depending on how the retailer works with the site.




Re: Rapid Rewards Button Transactions

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 Yeah if the order went through you should be good but sometimes it takes a while to see the points posted on your account. I usually wait a couple weeks then emaill or call them to make sure and usually the points are there