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**Rapid Rewards Members BEWARE!!!!!**

Explorer C

Rapid Reward Members,

         Beware! Southwest Airlines website contains hidden autofill features which alter user input of key passenger information without notice.  I had the unfortunate experience of finding this out first hand. Southwest has refused to acknowledge this as a flaw and rather merely call it a "feature" to their website. Knowing this issue beforehand will keep your booking simple and you away from the "helpful" but powerless customer phone representatives. 



            When logged in to a Rapid Rewards account on Southwest passenger information is autofilled upon checkout to be the cardholders info. This is great for convenience but it does not work correctly. The problem is that after editing the passenger info to be someone else and the page auto-refreshes then the passenger info will revert back to its original state. So you could have no idea that this occured and easily book a flight for the wrong passenger. Southwest has denied that this is a poor feature of their website. Disappointing.


The website should save any change you make to the passenger info column no matter if the page auto refreshes in order to ensure no booking errors.


Re: **Rapid Rewards Members BEWARE!!!!!**

Aviator A



First off sorry for the delayed response. 


Sorry you had an issue because of an auto fill problem before I book for others I always double check before booking to make sure all info is correct. Also airlines give you 24 hours to cancel for a full refund so if you look at the confirmation page and notice right away you made a mistake you can cancel and rebook (at the then current price). 


I would recommend you reach out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 so they can look in to the issue and look in to a fix. You can also send an email by clicking the contact us link at the bottom of the southwest homepage. 


hope this helps


Re: **Rapid Rewards Members BEWARE!!!!!**

Frequent Flyer C

That is unfortunate! You can always cancel within 24 hours on any airline and get a refund if that happens!