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**Rapid Rewards Members BEWARE!!!!!**

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A customer service rep advised me of a program where I could receive 4000 bonus points for a trip I was booking for every 10,000 points. I purchased 20,000 points and received 8,000 bonus points for a total of 28,000 points for $550.00. She then told me that the booking was going to use all the points plus additional points in my bank. The flight was 100.00 cheaper to just book it. She really screwed me and I have made over 9 calls and no one will help me or offer anything. I have many choices. The customer service line has sent me to several different departments like reservations. They told me this happens when they are busy and I need to call back! THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE FROM A COMPANY I REALLY LIKED! IF SOMETHING ISN"T DONE>>> OR A VOUCHER FOR THE DIFFERENCE ISN"T SENT TO ME>>>> I WILL NEVER STOP TWEETING AND POSTING AND NEVER FLY THEM AGAIN!!!!!


Re: **Rapid Rewards Members BEWARE!!!!!**

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Did you use the "Customer Relations" line?

Customer Relations 1-855-234-4654


I don't think they will be able to do anything, everything that we've heard on this community is that points purchase is non-refundable. 


The main thing you should discuss with customer relations would be to describe the call with the representative (which number was that to reach them originally?) who steered you in that direction. I'm not sure that was the Southwest customer service line, was it a number from a promotional email that you received?



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Re: **Rapid Rewards Members BEWARE!!!!!**

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Agree with @DancingDavidE, it's not likely a Southwest rep suggested for you to purchase all the points needed for a flight, there's no reason to buy points unless you are trying to redeem your points and are just a few short. Purchasing a flight with cash is ALWAYS a better deal than purchasing 100% of the points required to redeem for the same flight.


Did you call Southwest looking to redeem your points for a flight and discovered that you were short on points? Even if it was mentioned you could purchase points you should always compare the cash price versus the cost to buy points.