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Rapid Rewards points not posted

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My rapid rewards points from my credit card always posts on the 24th of the month but nothing has posted this month.  Is there someone I should contact or is there sometimes a delay?  I checked the past year and it has always been the 24th.  Appreciate your help.  thank you.


Re: Rapid Rewards points not posted

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I would call Chase 1-800-792-0001. You should look at you Credit Card statement to see how many points you earned and that are to be posted to your account.  

Re: Rapid Rewards points not posted

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Verify your statement closing day of the month was the same - i.e. all the previous cycles may have been on the same day each month, but the most recent one could be different?


If they are all the same then check in as advised. If this most recent one was later, wait that many more days to check in.

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