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Rapid Rewards points not showing up

Explorer C

Hi! I’m new to the southwest rapid rewards credit card family! I’ve completed the first half of my sign up bonus, earning 50,000 RR points. (Currently working on the second part, earning the next 30,000 RR points.) However, I’ve already earned and paid off the balance on my card to get the first, 50,000 points and they are not showing up on my account. Do I need to wait for the next cycle to see them? Any clarification would be appreciated!


Re: Rapid Rewards points not showing up

Aviator A

Read the terms and conditions of the offer you signed up for. Typically offers include language about bonus points posting within 6-8 weeks after completing the bonus requirements. Additionally, paying off the card has nothing to do with earning points, all Chase cares about is you making the charge. Normal points from spending are posted shortly after your statement closing date.



Re: Rapid Rewards points not showing up

Aviator A

Give it a bit of time. They will show up.