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Rapid Rewards points to purchase for someone else

Explorer C

Pre-covid, we booked a trip to Orlando with the 5 people in my family and my parents. My husband and I purchased all of the tickets, but we entered each individual's RR# on their ticket. My parents have since decided that they will not be traveling with us in October. Instead, my husband's mother and sister will be coming with us. We cancelling all of the tickets, receiving travel funds for each person. For the 5 of us in my family, we used our travel funds and repurchased our tickets. For my parents, we converted their travel funds to RR (all with their consent). We then used their RR to purchase tickets for my husband's mother and sister. We want to make sure that they get all of the proper notification for their flights (especially since our flight times keep getting changed, I'm sure theirs will too - they're flying out of a different airport, so they are on different flights). If we put their RR# on their tickets, will they get all of the email notifications about their flights?


Re: Rapid Rewards points to purchase for someone else

Aviator A

When you book their flight you can put their preferred method of contact (email, text, or phone call)  I would also use their email for the receipt that way they will get all the flight notifications you can put your email in the share itinerary section at the bottom of the payment screen so you can get a copy of the itinerary. Also when you put their RR numbers the reservations will show up on their accounts should they need to make a change as well as allow them to access the mobile boarding passes.