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Rapid (and other) Rewards Policies

Explorer C

I get the feeling that SW has taken a lesson from the insurance industry to intentionally complicate terms and conditions of Rapid Rewards!  Is there a source where I can find the intent and attributes of the different rewards programs?  I do not need to see the detailed T's and C's.  I have seen those 10 pages and it seems too much.  Just looking for good description of Campion stuff, what are the programs for SW credit card holders.  What are the programs fro non-card holders?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Rapid (and other) Rewards Policies

Aviator A

You could always look here:


There's nothing complicated about Rapid Rewards.

Re: Rapid (and other) Rewards Policies

Aviator A

Southwest is known as one of the most flexible airlines in the industry with no fees for flight changes and checked bags. That said, there are policies that come with the Rapid Rewards program and Companion Pass.  In my opinion as a long-time holder of both, I have a responsibility to understand the program and how it works for me.


I am including a few links below that might be helpful:

Hope those help.


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Rapid (and other) Rewards Policies

Aviator C

What are you looking for?  Might be better to ask a specific question.


Most "programs" or promotions are indeed for the card holders.  There are a few that come up to provide bonus points or bonus CP if you fly during certain windows.  The last two I recall were 5000 bonus pts for flying 4 flights, and another for a 4-month CP for flying four flights.  You should be able to find them here.


I might agree that some of these seem a bit complicated, but USING the points couldn't be easier.


If you're talking about Alist vs's pretty simple as well.  A-list is essentially only available by flying 25 or 50 legs a year.  CP is available by gathering points from spending money through partners or the credit card, as well as flying.

Re: Rapid (and other) Rewards Policies

Explorer C

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