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Rapid rewards points

Explorer C



I just got my credit card 4 days ago and have used it multiple times since then. When I go to my rapid rewards account, it says I have 0 points. How long does it take to update?


Also, my fiance has 20,000 points and he's not a southwest credit card holder. Can he transfer his points to me?


Thanks to all who reply,



Re: Rapid rewards points

Aviator B

Points earned from the credit card post 5-7 days after the due date.  There  is no reason for him to transfer points to you...  The costs to do that is expensive.  He can use his points to to get anyone a ticket, the points do not have to be used just for him. 


Good luck. 

Re: Rapid rewards points

Explorer B

SWA partnered with a superior bank ( Chase ) I just love my SWA Visa Card . Wish I had applied long ago ..

Excellent very generious program !