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Rapid rewards points

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Hello I have a flight booked in July using rapid reward points for 4 people, CLE to SLC.  I have less than ideal flight times for our plans but booked it based on the fact that it was all I could get with the points in my bank. I am just wondering if any of you frequent flyers know if I could expect the point requirement for the flight time I prefer to come down prior to July.  I have been checking daily with no luck just yet. 

Thank you!!


Re: Rapid rewards points

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The first thing that comes to mind is the low fare calendar (pre-selected with CLE-SLC in July):

You can scroll through different months to get a sense of the lowest fares (in dollars or rewards points) that are available.

My personal experience is that pricing increases as you get closer to the travel date. The beauty of flying with Southwest is that if the fare does come down then you can swap out to a different flight, though from your post it seems like you already know this!

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Re: Rapid rewards points

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Thank you both for your quick replies !! Fingers crossed the fare comes down. 

Re: Rapid rewards points

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@osu298  you ask if you can expect the cost to decrease, which no one here would be able to say for sure. Fares go up and down all the time for lots of reasons. As @SWDigits said, just keep checking. Summer travel does tend to get more expensive, but sales can happen. Good luck!