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Rapid rewards points

Explorer C

I have been a member since 2013, and I have NO rapid rewards points. Help me to understan d the reason!


Re: Rapid rewards points

Aviator A

When was your last point earning activity? You earn points by flying paid flights, or through partner activity like the Chase Rapid Rewards credit card.


Points no longer expire, but prior to October 17, 2019, points expired after 2 years without any point earning activity. This could possibly explain why your balance is currently zero, if you hadn't earned any points since October 17, 2017. 

Re: Rapid rewards points

Adventurer C

Like so many that post questions, they do not give enough information.


Guessing whatever they had expired last year... but without enough data from the poster, no answer will help.

Re: Rapid rewards points

Aviator A

My guess is that they expired due 2 years of non-activity, but recently Southwest changed the rules on this so points will no longe expire.