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Rapid rewards problem

New Arrival

My husband and I have a joint southwest credit card. They will not link the credit card to my rapid rewards account because my husband it the main cardholder. They will not link it to his because his rapid rewards account is linked to his business southwest credit card....somehow we are losing tons of points.....not a good situation.


Re: Rapid rewards problem

Active Member

Something doesn't sound right because i believe you can have both the SW RR business card and the personal card and get points for both.  You may want to call the SW RR office for assistance.  Chase reps won't be able to help you.

Re: Rapid rewards problem

Top Contributor

All Southwest Visa cards by Chase are linked to a specific Rapid Rewards account -- that of the primary cardholder.


There are no "joint accounts," there is a primary cardholder and an authorised user(s).


One person can hold multiple cards (business and personal, for example) and earn points from both.


If you open a Southwest Visa card account and don't already have a Rapid Rewards account, they will create one for you.


Contact Chase if you have any questions about where the points from a specific Southwest card are going. 😉