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Rapid rewards

Explorer C

Just wanted to know if anyone else has been screwed over by SW airlines. They closed my account and took all my points while telling me that I hadn't flown with them in over two years and thats why. I explained that I flew one year ago and basically was called a lier. Trying to deal with them was ridiculous as they were so rude. All I asked them to do was to look up my flight a year ago and see that I had flown and reopen my account. they called me a lier again and said no. I hung up and booked United. SW really needs to look at their customer service if they want to stay in business. I put this all over social media as its the only thing I could do and they simply won't even try to do the right thing.


Re: Rapid rewards

Aviator A

Sorry to hear about your experience. Was that flight a year ago a paid flight -- not booked on points? Despite advertising that "points don't expire," Southwest requires point earning activity within 24 months in order to keep your account alive and not forfeit your points. Flying itself won't necessarily do that, unless you paid money for the flight (and earned points for flying) -- not if you used points to buy the flight.


If you did pay for the flight but didn't earn points for some reason, unfortunately you're likely still out of luck. Southwest will consider reinstating your points in these kinds of cases but only if the uncredited point earning activity was in the last 6 months.


I have no idea why they'll only consider the last 6 months for point reinstatement when you have a full year to request missing points for flights flown. But that's their policy. This means to onus to make sure you receive all points deserved is squarely on the customer.