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Rapids Rewards are expensive

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If you're expecting to get even on the $149 you spend on credit card rewards program its a scam! I have a notice that my 65,000 points are available, just not until after the holidays. The scam was me believing that if I did the $2,000 card spend = me receiving the points to spend.

I receive the notices that I had met the threshold yet the notice also states that it will be 2021 before I receive them. I guess I'm back to driving further to use Delta. I spend over 100 nights a year on the road. I have status with 3 different carriers now. I need to be in Washington D.C. frequently. Southwest "WAS" a great option. I will use another option, Delta Platinum American Express . 


Re: Rapids Rewards are expensive

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Sorry your disappointed you can try reaching out to Chase since they are the ones giving you the points to see what the hold up is since you qualified for the 65,000 points. 



Re: Rapids Rewards are expensive

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What were the terms and conditions on your Chase offer.


Is Chase doing anything different than it said it would?


You wanting something different than what Chase promised is your problem, not Chase's.



Next time read the T&Cs.

Rapids Rewards are expensive

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Since I didn't do the 2,000 spend sign-up credit card I can't say if you're the only one that this happened to, or this was the plan for the credit card company all along.  What I do know, is since you travel so much and will be moving to other airlines to do so, (based on your stated nights of travel) Get ready to rack up thousands of miles points from the cost of checking bags on the other airlines.  

Re: Rapids Rewards are expensive

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The RR Bonus Points will be rewarded on the SECOND BILLING CYCLE. I found this out a few months ago. Good Luck!

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Re: Rapids Rewards are expensive

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It's not a scam, but what's likely is that you did not read the terms and conditions of your offer. So many people think that they will receive points immediately after doing X but the reality is you won't receive your points for a billing cycle or two - per the user above, it takes 2 billing cycles, but this may vary by offer.