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Redeem Points for eGift Cards or Paypal

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Hello Rapid Rewards Staff:  I understand that due to Due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19, Southwest Airlines has temporarily paused the ability to redeem points in More Rewards; and that Southwest is sorry for the inconvenience and hope to resume normal operations soon. Thank you for your patience and grace during this time.  However, I have a solution, download eGift Cards for retailers or even hook up with Paypal; and Southwest Rapid Reward staff can access this from home, and let us Reward members redeem our points digitally; no one has to mail anything to anyone.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?


Re: Redeem Points for eGift Cards or Paypal

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I recommend sharing your suggestion with southwest directly though one of these contact methods: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint  this way they can pass it on to the team who works with partners for consideration. 


Personally when I have looked at the more rewards gift cards and rewards catalog in the past i have found that you don't get a great value redeeming on the more rewards site and your better off using the points to book Southwest flights. Keep in mind points don't expire and you can use your points to buy flights for anyone you'd like. 




Re: Redeem Points for eGift Cards or Paypal

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That function is actually handled by "Awards HQ," a 3rd party company operating as a partner for Southwest under the name More Rewards. And redemption is still available, but is now limited to RR members who also have the Rapid Rewards credit card by Chase.


Here's the contact info for More Rewards.