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Redeeming Rapid rewards for more

Explorer C



I used to have the option to redeem the rewards for Hotels and Cars too but now I get a page that says this is being halted due to Covid-19. is everyone facing the same problem? Is this going to be fixed.


Re: Redeeming Rapid rewards for more

Aviator A

That process is handled   by a completely different company. As such it sets the rules abut the program. At the moment you can only access it if you hold a Chase Rapid Rewards card.


Details follow:


edit add: Since More Rewards is a different  company,  it makes it's profit by valuing RR points

at a rate less than SW. SW values points at about 1.6 cents/point. More Rewards is less than that. So you get the best bang for your buck (or point in this case)  by using points to buy SW tickets.