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Refund of Points

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Hi all,

I recently booked a flight using all points. I'd like to extend my trip by a day, but it will cost me more in points to change the flight rather than to cancel it and book a new flight. Does anyone know how quick the turnaround time is for my points to be refunded and go back into my Rapid Rewards account? If I cancel my reservation, I'd like to book my new flight as soon as possible in order to avoid any cost increases for my desired flight and to secure something, since my travel is coming up in about a month.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Refund of Points

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It is very quick. You would log out of your account after canceling, then log back in 

Re: Refund of Points

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It can't cost more to change the flight than it would to book a new one. 😉


The fare for your new flight stays the same whether you're changing to it or purchasing it from scratch.


If it doesn't, then there's a glitch involved... and it's likely that the site is showing you the wrong price for the new flight (if starting from scratch).

Re: Refund of Points

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If you click through to the purchase page @LindseyM, it will show the credit for the points already allocated - I think this may be what you are seeing where the starting page for changing the flight doesn't account for the points already dedicated to the trip.


When you get to the end, you'll see the quoted number of points and deducting the already allocated points, and the two should then be equal.


This is fresh in my mind having changed a trip just this morning and I noticed the same effect.


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