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After  purchasing ticket my husband was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.  Advised by his doctor not to fly (going to elevated altitude) or be around large gatherings.  (He was going to a wedding).   Ticket cancelled, plus $75 fee....Told he could use the credit for a year.   Guess what?   HE IS NOT ABLE TO FLY!!!!!   Retired on a fixed this the best you can do??  Seems like there should be some flexibility in your rules.  This wasn't just a decision not to go, it was recommended by his doctor.


Re: Refund

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Are you sure you're talking about the right airline? There's no $75 fee. Fake post? Either way, you purchased a nonrefundable fare. Refundable fares are available that provide cash refunds. 



Re: Refund

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maybe you could fly him to Florida if the name must match voucher anyone know?

Re: Refund

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Southwest doesn't charge fees to cancel flights. You must be talking about another airline. 



Re: Refund

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Are you maybe referring to a travel agency's fee? 

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