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I'm 73 yrs old lady & have used SW Airlines never incurred a problem until 7/2/21 when my flight got cancelled at 12:34 AM the same day I was to leave at 6 AM.  With much anxiety I called SW & held for 1.5 hrs. all to get disconnected. I called again choosing another option & got connected to a rep. I booked on Delta instead after rep book an alterative flight on SW. I later found SW had overbooked with no fleets & crew members available.  Why would SW do that. . . just to get money from customers then not reimbursing them??? After arriving my destination I called SW to cancel and she informed me that it was too late and I had forfeited my ticket. I tried to explain to the rep everything that happened & asked if she could kindly just restore my return ticket to get home as a courtesy; but she was unwilling to assist after pleading over & over again.  I didn't receive any positive solutions from the rep she kept saying "it's our policy."  I had made my reservation 4 months in advance.  5 hrs. before my flight was to take off it got cancelled with no explanation. What airlines does that to their customers and then refuses to help when it was their fault in the 1st place to overbook with no fleet & no crew members available.  Unfortunately, I cannot trust SW to fly because they may perhaps do the same thing.  I will be cancelling my SW card after using my points and fly Delta, American & United more often.     


Re: Refunds/Customer Service

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It sounds like there was a misunderstanding.  If Southwest cancelled your flight you can get a refund back to your original form of payment.  What may have happened is Southwest rebooked you on another flight that you no-showed for.  I still think you should be able to get a refund since it appears you were unaware of the rebooking.

Instead of talking to the general customer service folks you need to Contact Customer Relations