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Rewards Points Stolen

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I have not been able to find an recent posts on this so thought I would check here. It looks like someone redeemed almost 50k points from account via my rewards. I went to the may rewards page to look at the transaction history, there was none, but it also said I was a member since 12/1/2020, today is 11/30/2020 so not sure how that is possible. 


I called customer service, I reset my password, the address, email, and phone number had been changed to some city in GA. They have let me know they have changed everything back (not seeing it changed in my account yet) I am supposed to call Customer relations when they open back up tomorrow morning about my points.


Has anyone had any luck getting their points back? HELP!! 




Re: Rewards Points Stolen

Top Contributor

Points are not often stolen, and yes I have heard of instances where stolen points were returned to the rightful owner.


You should be able to see what has happened to every point in your account.


1) log into your SW account.

2) Click on my account

3) Move down the ensuing  right side of the page to points activity

4) click on see all points activity

Re: Rewards Points Stolen

New Arrival

Yes, that is how I found out the amount that is missing, a little over 47K points gone with a transaction that I did not make via My rewards, via a my rewards account I did not set up. I also found that my email, address, and phone number had all been changed.  Hoping that when I talk to Customer Relations tomorrow I can get those points back. 



Re: Rewards Points Stolen

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Ugh, I am sorry to hear this, I hope you can get this cleared up and your points get posted back to your account.



Rewards Points Stolen

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Thanks for posting this.  I guess nothing is sacred anymore and just another reminder to change my password every year.  I've gotten into the habit of every Jan 1 I change my password on everything.  It's the same password for everything, (YES, I know this is stupid) but working on a new system for this year.  Same password with the final part being related to the company or whatever the password is for.  Anyway, thanks for reminding us to be careful, and hope all ends up well for you.