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Rude Customer Service

Explorer C

I understand SWA Customer Service reps are stressed.  However, I waited 1 hr 54 minutes to talk to someone to get my 25,000 miles after our 14 year old granddaughter was unable to visit us for Christmas.  I had an old rewards account (over 10 years) with an old address, old email and old phone number which I could not remember so I made a new account.  I explained this and wanted to make sure I received my miles and check on my refund.  The rep I spoke to was helpful up to the point he said re my new account “all you had to do was call us to get your old account.”  REALLY?  I said I was on the phone 2 hours to speak now and spend 8 hrs 15 minutes, 52 phone calls (many busy, dropped calls) and stood in line at the airport over an hour - then he hung up.  I would have completed the statement “stood in the line over one hour then realized there was 4 hours or more ahead of me at 10 PM!!”  And he had the “guts”(cleaned up) to say “all you had to do was call us”?!?!?!  And then hung up. I wasn’t mad till the hang up.


Re: Rude Customer Service

Aviator A

I certainly wouldn't want to be answering the phone calls right now. If you want to share your feedback with Southwest use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.