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SW Credit Cars at kiosk

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  Does anyone know if there is a SW CC kiosk at the Las Vegas or Burbank airport and when open?

Traveling this week and I would like to apply for the 50 K points card.





Re: SW Credit Cars at kiosk

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I'm not sure about the kiosks, but onboard there's an application for the 50k point offer available via the in-flight entertainment portal. 

Re: SW Credit Cars at kiosk

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One time I was at Burbank it was cozy there, I didn’t notice the RR Visa team there but probably they are at times.


LAS I remember the station being towards the “front” of the C concourse near the other vendor stalls after you pass the smoothie place. The team is probably there somewhere!


Agree with @chgoflyer it may be as easy to do online.



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Re: SW Credit Cars at kiosk

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The flight attendants might make a special announcement about it too. Let us know what you find!

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Re: SW Credit Cars at kiosk

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When you log on to the Southwest web site you should see an offer for a 60k points card.