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SWA App should display ticket refund amount and expiration date

Explorer C

I'm not sure how many of you have experienced this problem.  I'm sure the fix would be quite easy, with SWA's mobile app help.


Like many, I fly SWA for business and my Family flies SWA on a regular basis. On several occasions, I have purchased SWA tickets and later changed it to a cheaper fare. If it was booked with points, the points were returned to my account. Which is great.  However, if I paid cash/credit for the  Wannagetaway ticket, no refund is issued (which is fair for. Wannagetaway fare) but the credit expires if not used in a certain amount of time (6 months I think). Although I feel a $ credit should never expire (after all, the refunded points don't expire)  but compounding the problem is not knowing what credits I have accrued and when they are due to expire is my biggest issue with SWA. 


Which brings me to my creative suggestion: when we log into our Southwest airlines app on our mobile device for PC, our homepage should prominently display ticket credit values, the ticket number that was refundeded and each refunded ticket's cash credit expiration date.  It should not take a phone call to SWA customer service to find out what cash credits (and expiration dates) are associated with our account. 


Re: SWA App should display ticket refund amount and expiration date

Aviator B

They will never do that.  They want you to forget that you have a credit.  My suggestion is when you change or cancel a ticket you receive a email from Southwest Airlines with the amount of the credit and the expiration date.  Create a "Southwest Airlines credit folder in your email account.


Good Luck!!