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SWA Chase Visa

Explorer C

Fraud warning!  Chase Bank charged me interest after I paid $2000 beyond my current balance due. Was paid 2 days prior to due date as well.   Furthermore they mid applied the additional $2k and refused to correct the error they made.  Refused to correct their error even with account notes from previous call indicating I was given inaccurate information by Chase.   Refusing to correct their errors clearly indicates these fraudulent actions are deliberate.  DO NOT trust them or the statements they provide.  The statements are inaccurate and created inaccurately to deceive customers 

SWA ….please find a better bank to do business with! I’m done with them!!


Re: SWA Chase Visa

Aviator C

File a written dispute with the credit card carrier.  You have protections under Federal law.  Fraudulent charges are not just from merchants, they may be applied to the bank itself.

Re: SWA Chase Visa

Frequent Flyer A

This forum is better suited for customer/passenger comments and questions for SWA, and it sounds like your post is better for Chase. Might be worth checking into sharing there!

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