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SWA Drink Coupons for Purchase?

Explorer C

Back when I was an A-Lister, I was showered with free drink coupons (good times). However I've had to switch airlines for more convenient business travel, and no longer have a handful of near-expiring coupons.


Does Southwest ever just sell drink coupons to customers so they can give them as gifts or use them themselves? The reason I ask is that I just booked a trip for 7 [adults], and would like to give everyone a few of those for the flight. If any SWA folks have insight into this, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Re: SWA Drink Coupons for Purchase?

Aviator A

Southwest did sell them at one point in time, but no longer do. They only send coupons now after you complete 10 revenue flights. I've heard of people selling them on various sites online so that might be one way off getting them. 

Re: SWA Drink Coupons for Purchase?

Aviator B

There are many listed on EBay!


Good luck! 

Re: SWA Drink Coupons for Purchase?

Retired Community Manager

Hi @doomcontrol,


We do not sell Drink Coupon Books. We send Drink Coupons out after a Rapid Rewards Member has completed 10 flights, and occasionally our partners over at Chase Visa will send them out to surprise and delight our Customers. 


Re: SWA Drink Coupons for Purchase?

Aviator A

FYI: Chase hasn't send drink coupons to cardholders as a matter of policy for well over a year now.