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SWA Gift Card Using Points

Explorer C


Does anyone know if I can use Rapid Rewards points to purchase an SWA gift card?


Re: SWA Gift Card Using Points

Aviator B

Only if you have the Rapid Rewards credit card from Chase.  A $50 gift card is 5,000 points.  Check this link

Re: SWA Gift Card Using Points

Aviator A

You can, but you wouldn't want to.


You'd lose half of the value of your points (or more) by using them to buy a gift card. Points are worth 1.9 cents (at least, depending on fare) but if you spend them on a card you'll only get 1 cents worth of value per point. Plus, fares bought with gift cards aren't refundable, but points bookings are. RR Points can be used to book flights for anyone, so simply using your points to buy someone a flight is the best value.