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Same day standby cost

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So, most of the talk is on the changes to Companion Pass qualifying requirements. What interests me is the part about paying the taxes and fees for same day standby. When would those fees occur. If I'm at HOU and am flying non-stop to OKC, I assume there would be no difference. Would this only apply if there was a change in routing? What does this mean exactly?


Re: Same day standby cost

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I started to reply to this but then realized I don't know much about how Southwest handles normal standby situations for non Companion Pass holders (i.e., do they pay taxes/fees on standby flights), so I'll let someone with more knowledge than me answer 🙂 



Re: Same day standby cost

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I believe what this means is if you changed from a non stop to a flight with a layover there is a segment tax and a facility usage fee (for each airport on the reservation) I believe that is the taxes you would pay.