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Should I change my available funds over to points?

Explorer C

I know there is a deal right now to change your available funds over to Rapid Reward points. Monetarily speaking, am I "loosing money" if I do this?


Re: Should I change my available funds over to points?

Aviator A

You are getting 78 points per $1 when converting the funds. 


Do you convert or leave the funds as they are?here are a couple things to think about


1. Do you plan to go for A List status this year or next year if yes by converting funds to points when you use the points you wont earn the flights towards A List compared to using the funds for flight(s) you will earn the credits. 


2. Do you want to be able to book for a family member because you don't travel much? If yes then converting to points isn't a bad idea because points never expire and you can use the points to buy flights for anyone. The travel funds are tied to you and only you can use them and they carry an expiration date. 


3. If you plan to travel but won't be going for A List then converting to points or leaving the funds like they are I don't think makes much of a difference you could look at your account and see am I close to a flight I want to book with points if yes it could help to convert that way you can book that flight you want. 


Keep in mind if covering to points you will still have to pay the government tax starting at $5.60 each way (goes up for international flights).


Lastly you have until December 13th to make three choice of convert to points or leave as travel funds so you could wait a month and see how things are before making the decision. 



Re: Should I change my available funds over to points?

Aviator A

Great info from @bec102896.  For me the decision comes down to two things:

  • Do I plan to travel and use the travel funds before they expire in September 2022?  If not, then converting to points is a good decision since it allows me extra time to travel.
  • Will someone else be traveling with me?  If so, I could convert some of my funds to points so I can book travel for them and use funds for myself.

Blake's note about trying for A-List is a very good point.  Don't convert if you are shooting for A-List since none of the flights booked with points will count towards status.  And if you are going for A-List you should have no problem using all of your travel funds before they expire.



Re: Should I change my available funds over to points?

Aviator A

Great comments above. Just one addition: Keep in mind that only funds with a September 7, 2022 expiration qualify for conversion.